My Journey

My journey began many moons ago when I was involved in a car accident in 2001.  I had chronic neck and back pain for years afterwards.  After having surgery and trying other Western methods which did not help alleviate my pain, I turned to more holistic healing methods.  

I first found meditation and then began studying Reiki.  I became a Reiki Master and began practicing Reiki on hospice patients.  I then moved to the mountains of Colorado and studied the ancient healing practice of shamanism at Sacred Hoop Ministry.  It was there that I learned and felt the tremendous healing effects of shamanism.  I also learned the traditions and teachings of our Native American ancestors.  After completing my studies I became a Shamanic Practitioner and relocated to Asheville, NC.  


I work in partnership with Spirit guides in order to facilitate the healing of individuals and be of service to the community.  I offer sessions which include power animal retrievals, extractions and soul retrievals.  I am honored, humbled and deeply grateful to be able to share this ancient healing method with others.  


Laura Riehman


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