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My Journey

My journey began many moons ago when I was involved in a car accident in 2001.  I had chronic neck and back pain for years afterwards.  After having surgery and trying other Western methods which did not help alleviate my pain, I turned to more holistic healing methods.  

I first found meditation and yoga both of which helped me to connect and listen to my body.  I then began studying Reiki which took me to a deeper level of understanding the energies within and around all of us.  I soon became a Reiki Master and began using Reiki to help manage pain and anxiety for hospice patients.  It was a humbling experience to work with individuals so close to death.  I am grateful to those who entrusted me to help ease their pain during such a difficult time.


After moving to the mountains of Colorado, I began studying the ancient healing practice of shamanism at Sacred Hoop Ministry.  It was there that I was able to go deeper into my connection with Spirit and in turn felt the tremendous healing, both physical and emotional, that shamanism offered.  I also learned many of the teachings and traditions of our Native American ancestors, all of which have helped me along my spiritual journey.  I have chosen to walk what Native Americans call the Red Road.  It is a spiritual path filled with challenges but also much growth and healing.  My growth lead me to complete my studies and become a Shamanic Practitioner.


I work in partnership with Spirit guides in order to facilitate the healing of individuals and be of service to the community.  My sessions include power animal retrievals, extractions and soul retrievals.  I am honored, humbled and deeply grateful to be able to share this ancient healing method with others.  I currently reside in Asheville, NC.



Laura Riehman


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