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Thousands of years ago, all beings lived on this Earth in a respectful way because the connection between plants, animals and humans was known.  All things had Spirit, from the smallest of insects to the largest of mammals, from the Spirit of the wind to the Spirit of Mother Earth.  Everything was interconnected and each being was our teacher.  As time has gone on, we humans have lost touch with that connection and level of respect and in doing so we have lost touch with ourselves, our Spirit and the spiritual guidance of our ancestors.  Shamanism is about connecting with Spirit guides in order to help with the healing of individuals as well as our planet.  The time we are living in now is an opportunity for that healing and growth to take place.  Healing starts from within.  Whether you realize it or not, Spirit has guided you here for a reason.   Perhaps it is time for your healing to begin.  Maybe you have already done some healing but are feeling stuck.  Many have found much healing and insight after having a shamanic session.  Take a look at this site and decide for yourself.  May Spirit guide you to where you will find peace, love and light.  A'ho.  


Laura Riehman